SaPa's Fun with Global Music.

This module will help them understand & appreciate different aspects of the music through participatory learning. Makes kids open up and be receptive to music.
Day 1: Kids will be introduced to global music;
Day 2: Intro to Indian Music;
Day 3 :Rhythm exercises;
Day 4: Make your music ;

Fees: ₹ 1500+ taxes

Age Group: 6yrs-14yrs

Duration: 2 hours/day for 4 days

Start enjoying the world music & make music the friend for yours for life time. Understand different geners of music, rhythm & become a better musician


The Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts (SAPA) is a global institute for the performing arts. SAPA is the brainchild of India's foremost violinist, Dr. L. Subramaniam and vocalist Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam.

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