Music classes

Classes for Keyboard, Guitar, Western Vocal(Singing), Piano for all ages & levels.
We not only make your kid perform but also ensure development of "inner ear"
and sight singing skills to ensure your kids are good at music making & passing Auditions.
For 9+ yr kids course includes ear training and music reading skills.
Courses can help students appear for international certification.

Fees: Fee: ₹ 2000+Taxes for 8 classes; includes registration, activity fee

Age Group: 5yrs-8yrs

Duration: 1 hour

Regular western music classes (vocal & instrumentals) At each level there will be a certification & performance opportunity


Urban Raga, provides performances & certified courses for Music for all age group. Music classes are held for Piano, Guitar, Keyboard, Violin, Vocal ( Western ) & Tabla.

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