Fascinating future with DRONES

Everyone has seen a “drone”.Be it at weddings or in the news, drones are now considered to be the next big thing. But what exactly is a drone?

90 mins of exciting demonstrations and engaging information of drone.

Get upclose with machines that will change some part of our future.

This is an Online blended learning course. This course will work like this

a. Register for the course from online/ by visiting nearest Justbooks center
b. Attend the introductory classes in one of the selected branches to collect course material & connect with mentor

Fees: Rs.250/- plus 18%GST

Age Group: 8 years and above

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. Sessions starts from 22nd April

Understanding of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Understanding of Drones
Applications of Drones


VISIOWINGS specializes in making aircraft models which can actually fly! Our aeromodelling workshops involve live projects. We impart theoretical knowledge, make the students apply it to build model airplanes and successfully fly them.