Animatronics Hand - Online Project-based Course

Animatronics is a life like illusion created by

electronic devices.

Through this project based course you will learn to develop an animatronic hand that can be controlled using your hand gestures with the help of flex sensors.
As part of this course, you will also learn about the

Arduino Architecture & its programming

This is an Online blended learning course. This course will work like this

a. Register for the course from online/ by visiting nearest Justbooks center
b. Attend the introductory classes in one of the selected branches to collect course material & connect with mentor
c. Practice using online videos & materials provided
d. Visit classroom sessions every fortnight

Fees: ₹4,499 (Includes Kit, Online Content, 1-1 Assistance & Certification)

Age Group: Class 6 & above

Duration: 16-20 Hours

Learn and Build an Animatronic Hand Project using servo motors and Arduino in this course!


Skyfi Labs is a startup from IIT Kanpur alumni that is making learning by building projects super easy for everyone around the globe. Today's students require the experience of building things - especially hardware - as the world is getting connected and automated through IOT and Robotics. Building projects and making them work will help students in developing creativity and problem solving skills and will help them become innovators of the future.
But such a learning process is very difficult to achieve due to lack of resources, infrastructure and guidance. Skyfi Labs, through, make this process of learning through projects super easy for you by providing the right hardware kits + video based learning content + support + platform for peer learning. Now you can simply select the project topic that excites you, receive the kit at your doorstep and start learning and building the project using the online course. You can also attend the periodic sessions conducted at Culture.Place/ Justbooks to clear your doubts and compete with other students.

Select your favorite project topic and get started now!