Women! Restart your career NOW!

A woman is a Paramount Identity in a society. Within her is the power to create, nurture & transform
For women who dropped out of career, starting a second innings in career is always challenging .
This mentoring session in partnership with Her Second Innings helps women to can get back to work & become financially independent.

Workshop includes
  1. Presentation & mentoring on available career prospects.
  2. Eagles need a push - A 30 mins foundation session on developing self esteem.
Join this workshop, get mentored by experts, discover opportunities, tips & guidance.
Register today & we would communicate the dates to those who have registered. Session would be held on a weekday between 10 to 12 in all Just Books centers.

Fees: ₹ 300 + Taxes

Age Group: Women looking to build their career

Duration: 2 hours

Be financially empowered, restart your career now!


Her Second Innings has helped many women professionals from various backgrounds to successfully restart their careers

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