Bonsai Making Workshop

Introduction to Bonsai , select plants,prepare bonsai, learn how to shape and maintain bonsai.
The bonsai making Training/workshop will include

  • Introduction to bonsai
  • Become familiar with plants
  • How to prepare soil for bonsai
  • How to trim bonsai
  • How to give shape to bonsai
  • how to maintain bonsai

In this workshop, the students will prepare one bonsai.
The necessary material will be provided (students do not need to bring any thing).
This includes bonsai pots, plants, soil, compost etc.

Fees: ₹ 900+Taxes

Age Group: 16+ yrs

Duration: 3 hours a day

Participants will be able to create bonsai at their home.


Upvan is the world of Bonsai created by Ms.Divya Maurya. She has been working on Bonsai plants from past 15 years. She has been experimenting with different types of plants. She has portrayed her creation in various exhibitions.

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