Aeromodeling Super Champs

Advanced Aeromodeling Workshop series where students build complex plane models to uncover fun and science behind airplanes. The models & knowledge can help in exhibitions & competitions.
Each workshop would introduce children to a new concept & help them build a new model that can fly! turning kids in to "Aeromodeling Super Champs "

Details of the Course are available in the attachment.

Fees: 2150 Rs a month +taxes (10% discount on paying for 2 months & for Aeromodeling Champs)

Age Group: 15 + or Aeromodeling Champs

Duration: 4 classes (3hours each) a month for 2 months.

Takeaway from the course
  • Free kits to build the models ( students take home the models they make)
  • Eligibility to join Aeromodeling supreme champs
  • Alternative classes/ mentoring in case kids miss any of the workshops.
  • FREE membership for [email protected] CULTURE.PLACE that provides
    • 20% discount on the models
    • Entry in to weekly open house between 6 - 8
    • Entry in to competition where students build a new model all by themselves .


VISIOWINGS specializes in making aircraft models which can actually fly! Our aeromodelling workshops involve live projects. We impart theoretical knowledge, make the students apply it to build model airplanes and successfully fly them.

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